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USED UP | Uzbek Pavilion | Plywood Panels, 1.26.2

USED UP | Uzbek Pavilion | Plywood Panels, 1.26.2


General width: 1100 mm

Material: Wooden composite / Plywood plate (multiplex)

General length: 2480 mm

Deconstructability: loose

General thickness: 30 mm

Condition: used

Quantity: approx. 40 / 100 pieces - (see third picture)


Material Information:

wooden panels

different pieces, specific cuts (all different, some round cuts etc.)


Contributing Pavilion:

UZBEKISTAN - "Dixit Algorizmi: Garden of Knowledge", 2022

Commissioners: Gayane Umerova, Art and Culture Development Foundation

Curators: Studio Space Caviar (Joseph Grima, Camilo Oliveira), Sheida Gomashchi

Exhibitors: Charlie Tapp/Abror Zufarov, CCA Lab



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