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Israeli Pavilion | Blue Metal Grids, 2.15.4

Israeli Pavilion | Blue Metal Grids, 2.15.4


General height: 30 mm

Material: Metal / steel

Deconstructability: loose

General length: 1230 mm

Color: Ultramarine blue (RAL 5002)

General width: 600 mm

Condition: used

Quantity: 19/34 pieces


Material Information:

metal grid with velvet optic coat,panels,

15 pieces: 60x123x3cm,

15 pieces: 44x98x3cm,

4 pieces: 16x97x3cm

Contributing Pavilion:


Commissioners: Michael Gov, Arad Turgeman Curator: Shelley Harten

Exhibitor: Ilit Azoulay

Curator: Heinz Peter Schwerfel

Exhibitor: Loukia Alavanou


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