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Romanian Pavilion | Vinyl Panels, 2.20.1

Romanian Pavilion | Vinyl Panels, 2.20.1


Material: Plastics / vinyl

Assembly type: Glued

General height: 6 mm

Color: Signal black (RAL 9004)

General length: 4100 mm

General width: 1500 mm

Deconstructability: loose

Condition: used

Quantity: approx. 33/40 pieces + white rest pieces


Material Information:

Vinly glued to plastic, protruding staples 

20 pieces: black, glossy,

20 pieces: white, glossy, 


Contributing Pavilion:

ROMANIA - "You Are Another Me - A Cathedral of the Body", 2022

Commissioner: Attila Kim

Curators: Cosmin Costinas and Viktor Neumann

Exhibitor: Adina Pintilie



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