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USED UP | Multiple Pavilions │ Sand Bags, 6.5

USED UP | Multiple Pavilions │ Sand Bags, 6.5


Color: Traffic white (RAL 9016)

General length: 200 mm

Material: Sand

Deconstructability: loose

General width: 600 mm

General height: 400 mm

Condition: used

Quantity: 9 palettes


Material Information:

in use at german pavilion (ramp) - available from november 2023


Contributing Pavilions:

UKRAINE - "The Fountain of Exhaustion. Acqua alta", 2022

Commissioner: Kateryna Chuyeva, Deputy Minister for European Integration of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine

Curators: Lizaveta German, Maria Lanko, Borys Filonenko

Exhibitor: Pavlo Makov


SWITZERLAND - "The Concert", 2022

Commissioner: Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia (Madeleine Schuppli, Sandi Paucic, Rachele Giudici Legittimo)

Curators: Alexandre Babel, Francesco Stocchi

Exhibitor: Latifa Echakhch


PHILIPPINES - "Andi taku e sana, Amung taku di sana / All of us present, This is our gathering", 2022

Commissioners: National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Arsenio ""Nick"" J. Lizaso, in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the Office of Deputy Speaker and Congresswoman Legarda

Curators: Yael Buencamino Borromeo and Arvin Flores

Exhibitors: Gerardo Tan, Felicidad A.Prudente and Sammy N. Buhle


Central Pavilion Giardini - "The milk of dreams", 2022

Curator: Cecilia Alemani


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